Meet Our Team

Rob Saxton
Rob Saxton Project Solutions Sales contact info
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones Project Solutions Sales contact info
Larry Plank
Larry Plank Project Solutions Sales contact info
Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein Project Solutions Sales contact info
Jason Koroniotis
Jason Koroniotis Project Solutions Sales contact info
Dan Meekhof
Dan Meekhof Account Manager contact info
Tera Wierenga
Tera Wierenga Account Manager contact info
Mark Brunette
Mark Brunette Account Manager contact info
Chad Martindale
Chad Martindale Project Manager contact info
Jesse Snyder
Jesse Snyder Project Manager contact info
Harrison Drayton
Harrison Drayton Projects Estimator contact info
Sara Buettner
Sara Buettner Projects Billing Administrator contact info
Calandra Jones
Calandra Jones Project Assistant contact info
Erin Harris
Erin Harris Projects Scheduler contact info
Michele Perrin
Michele Perrin Projects Purchasing contact info
Angie Edsall
Angie Edsall Service Coordinator contact info
Stephanie Vanderboon
Stephanie Vanderboon Service Coordinator/Dispatcher contact info
Tracy Wright
Tracy Enbody Service Billing Administrator contact info
Mark Therrien
Mark Therrien Financial Analyst contact info
Char Terpsma
Char Terpsma Credit Administrator contact info
Rachel Jansen
Rachel Jansen Accounts Payable contact info
Ha Le
Ha Minh Le IT Administrator contact info
Lori Coniglio
Lori Coniglio Senior HR Administrator contact info
Zach Yeo
Zach Yeo Executive & HR Assistant contact info
Ken Misiewicz, Chief Executive Officer
Ken Misiewicz President/CEO contact info
Jill M. Malone, Vice President of H.R. and Administration, ESOP Co-Trustee
Jill M. Malone Vice President of HR and Administration, ESOP Co-Trustee contact info
Jennifer Murphy, Chief Financial Officer, ESOP Co-Trustee
Jennifer Murphy Chief Financial Officer, ESOP Co-Trustee contact info
Carrie Parcher
Carrie Parcher Business Process Manager contact info
James Bockheim, Construction Manager
James Bockheim Project Solutions Group Manager contact info
Chad Reed
Chad Reed Field Operations Manager contact info
Toby Sweeney, Service Manager
Toby Sweeney Service Manager contact info
Rob Saxton
Bryan Denhof Assistant Service Manager contact info
Keith Springstead
Keith Springstead Assistant Service Manager contact info
Kory Burgess
Kory Burgess Health & Safety Manager contact info
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