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Service-Centered Solutions

At Pleune, our customers' needs are at the heart of our business. No where is this more apparent in our selection of equipment and services we offer our customers.

By Design

In a typical building, about 50% of your energy costs are due to your HVAC systems. We can help you save on those costs - from pneumatic upgrades to new construction projects, we can customize a system making your facility more efficient, sustainable and profitable, utilizing energy saving solutions such as:

  • CO2 sensors
  • Variable speed drives
  • Web-based control systems
  • Off site access and email/text alarming
  • Heat Recovery Systems

Properly controlling your equipment and running them only when conditions warrant can lead to major energy and financial savings, and unnecessary wear and tear. Heat-recovery technology transfers energy from exhaust air to incoming outside air. This greatly reduces the energy that's required to heat or cool incoming air. As a result, businesses can recover 50% to 80% of HVAC energy waste.

By Choice

Pleune Service Company is a Licensed Tridium Niagara N4 and AX Dealer, a non-proprietary system. This means any HVAC contractor wanting to work on your controls can. Other companies recommend systems that only they can work on - why wouldn’t we do the same?

Pleune Service Company makes professional equipment recommendations that are in the best interest of our customer. You may not have a choice in what equipment works best at your facility, but when it comes to service, you always should. And Pleune Service Company works best at every facility.

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