Safety & Training

The safety and health of our employees is a primary concern at Pleune Service Company. In order to create a safe work environment, we have developed the area’s most thorough Safety and Health Programs. This helps empower our employees to safeguard themselves and their fellow co-workers from hazards. Our safety program is based on employee involvement, education, accountability and recognition for controlling potential threats. Our goal is that everyone goes home safe every day.

Pleune Service Company boasts one of the best safety ratings in the industry. Our Experience Modification Rates* for the past 3 years reflect our commitment to safety:

YearExperience Mod Rating
2020: .62
2019: .61
2018: .63

* An Experience Modification Rating compares your workers’ compensation claims experience to other companies similar in size who operate in the same industry. If you are at the industry average, your Experience Mod is a 1.0. If your experience is 20% better then average your Experience Mod would be a .80; 20% worse would be a 1.20.

Pleune Service Company knows the importance of continued safety and training. Our technicians and construction team regularly undergo drug testing, criminal history and driving safety record checks. They are also readily trained in the following:

First Aid & CPR
Power Actuated Tools
Rough Terrain Lift
Confined Space
Aerial Lift
Driving Safety

Asbestos Handling
Fork Lift
Fall Protection
Powder Actuated Tools
Arc Flash
Electrical Installation

Lead Awareness
Lock Out / Tag Out
Ladder & Scaffolding
Excavation & Trenching
Fire Prev - Hot Work
Walking - Working Surfaces


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