Contactor Pitting, Inrush Mode, and the Health of Your HVAC System

Why is it so urgent when your technician tells you about pitting on your contactors?   One way to maximize the life expectancy of an HVAC compressor is to minimize its operation time in the inrush amperage mode. Inrush mode, in HVAC systems and other electronic devices, is the momentary burst of current that flows […]

New Technology Will Change Your Heating and Cooling

There’s an exciting Japanese HVAC technology, and it’s gaining more acceptance in the states.   Invented by a company called Daikin in 1982, VRF systems, or variable refrigerant flow systems, use refrigerant for both heating and cooling. This puts them in the same family as ductless mini-split air conditioners. However, they differ from those units […]

Maintenance Is Key to Saving Money on Your Rooftop Unit

When it comes to our rooftop units, “out of sight, out of mind” applies to most of us. That attitude can change quickly when our roof doesn’t keep us cool on a hot summer day.   Having routine preventative maintenance done is the best way to keep rooftop units in good working condition. It is […]