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Pleune Service Company was established as a Mechanical Contractor in 1974 by our founder, John H. Pleune. In October of 2018 Pleune Service Company employees will be proud to celebrate our 30th year as an ESOP Company.

Our company’s ESOP was established in 1988 and at that time we became a 30% ESOP (Employee-Owned) Company. Today we are a 100 percent ESOP (Employee-Owned) Company; with the final 70 percent acquired in 2002.

We are also proud of our dedicated 125 Employee Owners; a good portion of our employees have worked at Pleune for double-digit years and several are over twenty and a couple are nearing 40 years. Definitely an accomplishment to brag about.

Next year in 2019, Pleune Service Company will hit another milestone in our history as we celebrate our 45th year in business.  As Employee-Owners, we are all committed to excellence; doing the right things and doing things right….as John Pleune would always remind us and we live that same belief today.


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