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Yesterday, the crew at Pleune sent out a technician to visit a new customer. The service call was the result of the customer’s cooling not keeping up with the hot weather. With a brief inspection, it didn’t take long for our technician to figure out what the problem was.

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Many customers who are not familiar with HVAC systems (and even some of those that are) are not aware of coil maintenance. This particular customer’s coils had not been cleaned in a long time. Our tech took this picture to show the customer the resulting buildup of dust and dirt in the unit.

A number of issues can crop up from an HVAC system whose coil maintenance is neglected. A unit cannot pull the proper air flow through when sucking air through a built up blanket of dust and other allergens. This can also be a fire hazard depending on the conditions. With the mixture of heated air and build up, the worst case scenario for your home or business could be a resulting fire from this hazardous combination.

Here at Pleune Service, we want to make sure you keep those coils clean and save yourself a service call, or worse, a call for a fire truck. We recommend getting your coils checked at least 4 times a year- roughly once every season. This will ensure that your family or employees are breathing in the cleanest air possible, and are avoiding a major fire hazard in the process. To get your HVAC system’s coils checked, and for any of our other services, call 800.447.6907 and ask for a Pleune Service technician. We’ll help you figure out what your system needs most!

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