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All lighting systems experience deterioration of performance during operation, and so require ongoing maintenance. As the useful light distributed by a lighting system decreases, wattage stays the same, resulting in energy waste.

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In many buildings, lighting system maintenance consists of reactive rather than proactive solutions. Fixtures are rarely cleaned, although dirt and dust build up absorbs useful light. Defective components such as failed ballasts and broken lamp holders are replaced after malfunctions. Lamps are replaced only after they’ve failed. A service request is then registered for a replacement, which is scheduled among the other priorities of the maintenance team.  Considering the waste in labor and energy costs, it’s time to think about a planned lighting maintenance program.

Planned lighting maintenance is the practice of organizing labor and resources to ensure you’re getting the most out of your lighting system. This practice both tunes the lighting system and optimizes lighting performance.

In a planned maintenance program, three actions occur on a periodic basis:

  • Group relamping: Regularly replacing all lamps at once
  • Fixture cleaning
  • Inspection and troubleshooting

Planned maintenance strategies can:

  • Reduce nominal labor costs related to fixture relamping and cleaning by up to 70%
  • Reduce cost by concentrating lamp purchases into fewer, higher-volume buys
  • Produce higher light levels over the life of the lighting system
  • Generate lighting upgrade opportunities, such as energy-saving lamps, to reduce energy costs
  • Ensure proper inspection and upkeep of the lighting system

A technician at Pleune Service would be happy to meet with you to evaluate your lighting maintenance needs. We have seasoned in-house electricians with years of lighting maintenance experience. As your mechanical contractor, educating you about opportunities for reduced energy cost is our responsibility. We also have a Customer Service Advisor familiar with available energy rebates to help you save. To set up an evaluation with a Pleune Service electrician, call 800.447.6907 today.

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