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There’s an exciting Japanese HVAC technology, and it’s gaining more acceptance in the states.

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Invented by a company called Daikin in 1982, VRF systems, or variable refrigerant flow systems, use refrigerant for both heating and cooling. This puts them in the same family as ductless mini-split air conditioners. However, they differ from those units in that the condensing unit (outdoor section) is capable of controlling and fixing the compressor speed.

These indoor fan cooling units can be a number of different styles and configurations, fitting anything from a mid-sized office building to larger, commercial buildings. They can also number as many as 16 from one condensing unit.

The benefit to users is that each individual indoor unit can either heat or cool. Using only one unit greatly increases occupant comfort throughout a particular space, and is more efficient than using two units. There is an added benefit of substantial energy savings compared to the common roof top unit. This type of system has been in use in Japan and Europe since the 80’s and has a proven track record of reliability and comfort. They are also particularly well suited to office environments that have a variety of heating and cooling needs.

Pleune Service has recently installed such a system in our own office and we would be happy to show you the benefits and capabilities. If you have an interest in a VRF system, or need more information, please give us a call at 800.447.6907.

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