Stop Losing Money With Your HVAC System

Energy conservation has gained popularity ever since the rise of “going green”. The lists of tips and tricks on how to be more environmentally friendly are endless these days. So what can you do to make your business more energy efficient, and even keep some extra cash in your pocket?

Charging HVAC system.


Most people don’t know that in a typical building the HVAC system accounts for around 40% of your utility bill. Proper maintenance to your HVAC equipment ensures your system keeps running efficiently. However, even the most efficient HVAC mechanical system wastes money when it runs in an unoccupied building. Anytime your HVAC equipment delivers more cooling, heating, water flow, or air flow to an area than necessary, it wastes energy.

Consider taking a look at your HVAC control system. Do you know when your HVAC equipment is running? Does it run around the clock? What are the settings when your building is vacant? Taking some time to re-program your thermostat or finding a way to reduce the runtime of your HVAC system can save you a lot of money. It also significantly reduces your energy use, making your business that much more “green”.

Pleune Service specializes in HVAC control systems, and installs the most cutting-edge energy saving products. From a full blown Web based Tridium AX system, to programmable thermostats with intelligent recovery, we design systems that control comfort and maximize efficiency. We can custom tailor a system that fits your budget and your requirements. Our sales engineers will evaluate your building’s control system to give you ideas and a sample budget for minimizing your energy consumption. Contact a technician today at 800.447.6907 to see what system would be right for you and your business.


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