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Contributes to Significant Changes to Heating & Cooling Equipment

Due to recent energy code updates, significant modifications will be made to all roof top heating and cooling equipment with a special emphasis on base model equipment. These changes mean that manufacturers must retool the production lines to accommodate these changes. The manufacturers are setting ordering cut off dates for equipment to be produced under the current code. While the dates vary by a few weeks between manufacturers, most have identified June 2022 as the final timeline to order under the existing energy code. The changes will incur significant price increases by as much as 30% over current costs. In layman’s terms, what used to be classified as the high-end efficiency equipment will now be base-model equipment.

Price increases from the manufactures have been growing consistently, so if you plan on replacing equipment and don’t need the highest efficiency models, now would be a good time to get on the schedule and get your equipment ordered.

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