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What is a CSD-1? CSD-1 is a guideline that has been adopted as code in numerous states. CSD stands for Controls and Safety Devices, the rules of this Standard cover requirements for the assembly, installation, maintenance, and operation of controls and safety devices on automatically operated boilers directly fired with gas, oil, gas-oil, or electricity, having fuel input ratings under 12,500,000 Btu/hr.

As a business owner in the State of Michigan it is important to know that Michigan has instituted a CSD-1 must be performed on automatic fired boilers used in commercial and industrial settings. This requires boiler owners to establish maintenance and test schedules for their boilers. Rule 27 specifically requires that controls and safety devices be tested by an individual in possession of a valid mechanical contractor license with appropriate classification. The contractor then must test and document the boiler controls and safety devices and provide a copy of the document that is to be posted near the boiler.

A CSD-1 inspection includes Safety checks dependent on your specific boiler. There are some components that all boilers have including: pressure relief valve, gas valve, high pressure or temperature limit, and operating controller. But the safety check does not stop there for all boilers, the check also can include but, is not limited to:

  • Main Low Water Cut Off
  • Low Fire Hold
  • Combustion Air Proving
  • Pilot Flame Turn-Down
  • Water/Steam leaks
  • Indicating lights

The main purpose of the CSD-1 testing is to prevent boilers from getting damaged and to prevent boilers from operating in an unsafe manner.

In extreme measures the failed safety components such as a leaking gas valve, can cause a gas explosion. Or a boiler under high pressure and temperature can break apart causing the water to flash off to steam at a rate of approximately 1750:1 ratio which can potentially cause catastrophic damage to a building.

With the heating season quickly approaching, please contact Pleune Service Company to get set up for a one time testing or to work with your account manager to be set up for annual service!

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