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Is your chiller being taken care of properly? Proper commissioning, seasonal startup, and shutdown procedures along with a regular maintenance program help to ensure that your chiller is dependable and working efficiently. Chilled water systems are typically used for cooling medium and large buildings and, although are more costly upfront, have proven to have greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. As we are heading into our cooling season we will focus on the importance of a proper seasonal start- up for your chiller.

A seasonal start-up of a chiller normally takes place at light load conditions and provides a great opportunity to ensure that your chiller will operate reliably and efficiently throughout the upcoming cooling season. Start-ups include:

  • Checking control valves are operational and in the correct position.
  • Filling the cooling tower and heat exchangers.
  • Verifying sight glasses are properly operating for proper readings.
  • Check the oil sump and/or compressor oil levels.
  • Check operation of the oil return system (if needed)
  • Check oil filter.
  • Ensure the motor and compressor are in good working condition.
  • Perform an oil analysis with a sample pulled from the compressor: This sample is sent to a factory and is analyzed for particulates such as water, metal, and dirt. The readings enable your technician to be able to “see inside” your chiller and provide maintenance solutions to otherwise costly repairs. For example, if elevated levels of Nickel are found, it may be indicative of bearings being worn.

This checklist can identify an issue to be corrected before a catastrophic failure occurs which will also assist with avoiding downtime and repair costs.

To schedule your start-up or any chiller needs, contact Pleune Service Company today!

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