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A Building Management System (also known as a Building Automation System) is a computer based control system that controls and monitors mechanical, electrical, lighting, security and many other HVAC automated building functions. Within the past year cyber security and technology has been in an ongoing update process. More and more building owners are making the switch to update their IT networks and security infrastructure. With this in mind are you thinking about your Building Management system (BMS)? 

Tridium just announced at the end of July 1, 2021 they will no longer be supporting Niagara AX Licenses and License options. This means Tridium will no longer provide access or updates to patches, security updates, drivers, and AX parts that Tridium puts out.

What does this mean for you and what is the best solution for your BMS if it is running Tridium AX software?

Your Tridium AX BMS system will continue to run and we will be able to still access this system. We recommend upgrade your old Tridium AX front end system to Tridium N4. N4 uses HTML 5 graphics and is compatible with the new security protocols. 

If you would like to learn more about upgrading to N4 or if you don’t know if your system is running AX, please email or call Pleune Service Company.

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