About Pleune Service Company

1974 - Starting With a Mission

In 1974, John Pleune started a company with a clear mission statement: to provide prompt, quality heating and cooling service to the commercial and industrial markets of West Michigan. He felt that dedication to that statement would in and of itself set his company apart from the competition. He was right.

Within five years, Pleune Service Company had grown to 37 employees. Growth continued and maintained steady. At the base of the growth was a continued commitment to setting high standards and raising the bar of service metrics.

1988 - Evolution Of A Service-Driven Company

With the strategy of simply providing exceptional service, Pleune Service Company was about to illustrate their true commitment to that ideal. In 1988, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was formed and 30% of Pleune Company stock was sold to the ESOP. Employees, from the very beginning, embraced the opportunity.

This new employee ownership was an evolution of the culture that John had instilled from the company’s inception. Every owner believing that customers are the lifeblood blood of the company, treating all customers with integrity and respect, and providing those customers with quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

Through the 1990’s, Pleune Service Company embraced an intense growth period in West Michigan, working on projects around the Grand Rapids area such as Steelcase and Mary Free Bed. In 1998, a dedicated department for expedited customer replacement needs was developed. This department, coined Fastrac, further set Pleune apart from other mechanical contractors, now having the ability to act even faster in emergency replacement situations. Unit change outs could now be evaluated, quoted, approved and installed within a few days. Additional projects such as Rivertown Crossings Mall and Forest Health Hospital came online. And then there was the next step.

2002 - Fruition Of A Dream

John Pleune, in what was to represent the final step in creating a completely customer service based company, sold his remaining shares in Pleune Service Company to the ESOP. The company was now 100% employee-owned. This cemented the core values that Mr. Pleune had instilled in 1974 throughout every employee in the organization.

With this 100% ownership structure, everyone at Pleune Service Company is an Owner and has a personal stake in your satisfaction. They all work together as a team, encouraging one another to succeed and holding themselves accountable.

An Ongoing Paradigm…

Today, the vision for Pleune Service Company is the same as when John Pleune opened the doors in 1974 - to provide prompt, quality heating and cooling service to the commercial and industrial markets of West and Mid Michigan. However, now, as a 100% employee owned company, you have that commitment, guaranteed, throughout the entire organization.

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